Soaring melodies and crisp, compelling rock arrangements make up the emotive post-punk sound of Wyoming four-piece Harpoon, the Whale. Promising equal parts nostalgia and fearlessly honest contemplations, the band bring aspects of a plethora of genres into their sound. From the delicacy of pop, through the knees-up of folk-rock, to the sheer intensity, theatrics and outright energy of punk, grunge and classic rock – songwriting and musicianship guide the way. As such, the band’s live shows prove as memorable as their studio releases. Born of the sleepy small-town Laramie, back in 2012, Harpoon, the Whale is the brainchild of guitarist and vocalist Kaleb Richey – a devotion to maintaining worthwhile connections between musically focused friends. The band’s eclecticism reflects their equality as an act, combined with an uninhibited range of influences that showcase a clear passion for music in all of its forms. Featuring pop-punk vocals of emo-inspired integrity, the latest album highlights the Midwestern energy and precision of Harpoon, the Whale, with high-octane rhythms, cascading guitars, and the juxtaposed embrace of blissful vocal harmonies. The project elevates an already respected indie name, whose audience has been growing consistently in their years committed to the scene. Having toured extensively, from the Rocky Mountains through to the Pacific Northwest, Harpoon, the Whale are far from strangers to the stage. Their explosive and deeply moving sets have won over punk, pop and Americana fans across the board, stylishly blending the fierce presence of rock with unforgettable threads of melody. Offering immersive distortion and pace, alongside the stripped-back acoustic intimacy of reflective, purposeful songwriting, no stone is left unturned. The musically impressive, infectious and profoundly human new album underlines a clear strength in versatility. At the same time, there’s an unmistakable voice of identity to the writing and performances, making Harpoon, the Whale naturally one of the most anticipated live acts of the year.






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