Prefect "California Button Up" (Split LP)

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Prefect hails from Phoenix, AZ. When I heard their debut EP early, I just knew we had to put it out on 59 X. There is something for everyone on this EP - Pop Punk, Alternative Rock, Reggae, Surf Rock - it's all over the place in a great way. This band is going places - and we're stoked to put out their first EP on vinyl as a split with Harpoon, The Whale. 



Side A: Harpoon, The Whale (Like Before)

1. T2U
2. CA
3. GP
4. T2U (Acoustic)
5. CA (Acoustic)
6. GP (Acoustic)
7. Song 3 (Bonus Track)
8. AM (Bonus Track)
9. ATS (Bonus Track)

    Side B: Prefect (California Button Up)

    1. Mango
    2. Paradise
    3. Rest in Reefer
    4. Switch
    5. To You

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